Is Anti Tragus piercing a provocative one?

Many people are mistaken, thinking that piercing appeared in the 20th century. Its history is as long as the history of tattoo and both of them come from the African continent. They say that a modern fashion for piercing appeared in the 60s with the popularity of hippies. Not long ago piercing was considered to be a symbol of revolutionary thoughts, freedom of mind and even anarchy. In a modern world most kinds of piercing are just a popular way to express your individuality and attract some more attention to your personality. The majority of teenagers do it in search of beauty or sexual appeal. Anyway, every person has his own reason of choosing any kind of piercing. The type of piercing differs not only in its placement, but in the period of healing. Anti tragus piercing is made in a piece of cartilage, which is opposite the ear canal. The healing time of the pierced anti tragus can last from 8 to 16 months. As almost every other type of piercing anti tragus piercing should be daily cleaned and taken care of with the help of sea salt water or any saline solution. If the piercing does not irritate you, never change or take away its jewelry until anti tragus is fully healed. Anti tragus piercing is stylish, trendy and even provocative!