What Jewelry Do Men Prefer

Not only women but men as well want to have at least several pieces of their own jewelry to show their personality and style. Some of them want jewelry that will speak about how rich and powerful they are and some enjoys wearing unique jewelry that speaks about their lifestyle and character.

Sterling Silver Chains

To lend a chic look and match the casual dress as well as elegant evening dress, choose sterling silver chain. It can be a small chain with a pendant or large chain in silver- it will look perfect with almost any outfit and the choice of colors matching silver is great. Silver jewelry is not just elegant and beautiful but it's also affordable and available in variety of designs. Here is the list of some styles silver chains are available in.
925 silver chain

Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry

Choosing jewelry for your wedding day is difficult thing. And maybe my suggestions will help you to make the right decision. My advice is to choose silver jewelry to match your attire on your wedding. Think of the idea that your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you will be wearing all your life and it needs to compliment not only your wedding look yet your casual outlooks.
925 silver wedding rings

Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in numerous jewelry stores and tattoo and piercing salons. Teens, adult rock musicians and belly dancers are not the only persons who do body piercing. There are many people who have nipple piercing and almost nobody knows about it. Belly button piercing is really popular and its popularity grows when summer comes. Shopping for body jewelry consider the gauge size first of all. Diameter of the plug or wire fitting in the piercing is referred to as gauge size. The smaller the size, the larger the number would be.
nose piercing jewelry

How to Clean and Repair Silver Jewelry

When we buy silver jewelry, we rarely think about the fact that this shining and beautiful piece may lose its luster, tarnish and even become black with time. But it happens with all jewelry and we can prevent it. Just take care for your sterling silver jewelry and we hope the information given below will help you to clean and restore the luster of your silver jewelry.

Glass Jewelry and Its Types

Among all jewelry available nowadays glass jewelry is probably one of the most unique and eye-catching. And it dates back as early as the 9th century in Italy. It was the time when beads were traded from Venice and Rome to the neighboring countries.

Nose Piercing History, Types and New Trends

Over the past years nose piercing has become popular among teens, celebrities and many adults. Even at school nostril piercing has become a norm when an elegant small jewelry piece is worn. If you are going to pierce your nose, or just want to find some info about it, keep reading.

How to Choose Jewelry Cleaner

Buying jewelry we shouldn't forget about one more important thing- it is jewelry cleaner. The choice of jewelry cleaner depends on the type of jewelry and its material. If your jewelry box is filled with pieces in variety of gemstones and metals you have to buy several different types of jewelry cleaners because every type of material needs a different type of cleaner to avoid tarnishing and destroying of jewelry.

Plastic Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in different materials nowadays and the choice is significant for your health and safety. Some materials aren't recommended for long-term wear and should be worn only in well-established piercings. Some can be worn every day and at night without causing irritation. Some metals may cause allergic reactions of the body and too sensitive skin requires special care and choice of material.

Organic Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry comes in different materials and the choice is really huge. Metal jewelry has different grades and some contain more additional alloys and some less. It may cause allergic reaction and irritation and people with extra-sensitive skin usually choose bioplast or titanium piercing jewelry while others can safely and comfortably wear gold jewelry. Plastic piercing barbells and rings are available in all colors of the rainbow and are inexpensive but are recommended for short-time wear and well-healed piercings only.

Anti Tragus Piercing

Ear piercing is the oldest and the most common type of piercing among women and men. Later ear piercing was associated with earlobe piercing but nowadays there are far more types of ear piercing- conch, tragus, rook, helix, daith, snug and others. If you want to get unique piercing, the latest ear piercing called anti tragus is for you.

Daith Piercing

Among multiple body piercing types ear piercing is the most popular. This oldest type of body piercing has been in popularity all over the world for many years and if later it was almost only earlobe piercing, nowadays there are about 8 types of ear piercing that are becoming more and more popular. If you are thinking about getting your ear pierced in unique way, think about daith piercing.

Ear Piercing Types for Guys

People have invented different ways of beautifying the body and body piercing is one of the most ancient way of making the body more attractive and showing the personality. Almost any part of the body can be pierced nowadays but still there are piercing types which are more popular. Ear piercing is the oldest form of piercing that is the most popular nowadays. There is a place for ear piercing in every country, every religion all over the world. One of the reasons for it is that ear piercing isn't gender biased.

Tongue Jewelry

What is body piercing jewelry for you? Probably, it's an art or at least the way of self-adornment, if you are reading this. For some people body piercing is something strange and is over their understanding. Society hasn't accepted all types of body piercing yet. It doesn't mean one couldn't pierce any part of body he wants, but there would probably be squinting from some people. There are types of body piercing that are almost always in the public eye- ear piercing, nose and eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, for example.

How to Choose the men's wedding ring

The process of choosing a wedding ring for men is usually a little daunting. It's hard to know where to start and what to choose among the seemingly endless range of rings. It's important to choose the ring which is comfortable to wear, appropriate for the personality and lifestyle and fitting your budget. Here are some pieces of advice how to choose the man's wedding ring.
stainless steel titanium tungsten men's wedding ring

How to Choose the Wedding Rings

That is it... It is happening right now!!! Do you believe it? Maybe you have been moving to it for years and then you understand clearly what is going on and know what to do. And maybe it's very spontaneous and everything has mixed in your head and you are just moving on. But the one thing what you really feel is that you are happy. Marriage is one of the most important events in human's life and it's essentially to plan it carefully and make all your dreams come true.

How to Choose Jewelry in Accordance with the Shape of Your Face

Modern jewelry fashion is commonly set by celebrities and there is a risk for girls and women just to pick the same jewelry type as they have seen on star. Before buying any jewelry you should choose it in accordance with the shape of your face. Any accessory, clothes and jewelry should complement your body, lifestyle and face. And here are some tips to help you to choose the jewelry perfect to your type of the face. If you have oval shape of the face, you are lucky!
long face earringsround face earrings
square facediamond face

Diamond Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in all imaginable and unimaginable designs, shapes, colours and materials nowadays. Most people take body jewely as something flirty and funny in most cases or striking and aggressive in others- vibrating tongue rings, black captive bead rings, koosh ball barbells, etc.
diamond 14k gold nose jewelry

Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing appeared centuries ago when ancient tribes developed tradition of piercing to symbolize courage, to show high status in society later and the wealth of the person. In ancient Egypt only pharaoh and later members of royal family has the right to do definite piercings. During the Elizabethan Era and the Victorian era piercing was also widespread among royalty and successful and wealthy people. Later piercing disappeared from the scene but came back in the 70s when earlobe piercing became popular once again.

Why People Choose Silver Jewelry

Why people still choose silver jewelry though there are many other beautiful jewelry materials available at the market? There are lots of reasons for this. Let's discuss the main of them.

Diamond Jewelry- Lifetime Classics

Diamonds have been favorite gems of most people for centuries. The Hope and the Kohinoor, for example, are diamonds that led to bloody battles and wars among people who wanted to possess them. These precious diamonds were stolen, re-cut, reclaimed but still have the mystic aura and are able to throw plain light into a spectrum of colors. Diamond lasts a lifetime and it makes it not only a woman's best friend but also the favorite stone of men. If you don't have diamond jewelry in your collection, it's time for you and your man to think about changing the situation.

The Reasons for Body Piercing

Body piercing has become fashionable and widespread over last few decades and it's most an adornment. The motivation for people to pierce the body is the desire to beautify it to create and image and produce impression. But of course there are other reasons to pierce. Piercing gives exclusive distinguishing look and those who want to go "nostril-to-nostril" with fashion trends, follow the modern conception of body piercing.
double tongue piercing industrial barbell double belly piercing

Titanium and SSS Piercing Jewelry

If you have to choose starter piercing jewelry or the body jewelry for casual wear, consider titanium piercing jewelry.
The late of the 18th century was the time when titanium was found. The element titanium was discovered by the German chemist Klaproth who named it after the son of the earth in Greek mythology, Titan. Titan's spirit is a synonym to "perseverance to forge ahead" and the natural strength of titanium brought it to such name and popularity of extraordinary metal.

Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing is a long tradition that is extremely popular nowadays. The members of royal family in ancient Egypt wore gold rings in their pierced navel. Due to inbreeding they all have deep navels and it made belly button piercing easy and safe procedure. This type of piercing has been around for centuries and disappeared and appeared again throughout history. Modern world tends to popularize piercing of belly button due to many reasons. The world ha changed greatly during last decades and fashion is constantly changing.

Body Piercing Jewelry

People have always searching for the ways to attract attention and to share out of crowd. We wear strange clothes, create new styles, behave unordinary and do other things to be unique and express ourselves. And there are many people nowadays who want to adorn themselves with piercing. Body piercing is the way to enhance appearance, express individuality and style, experience new sexual feelings, etc.
Ear piecring, flesh tunnel, cartilage piercing

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Everpure water filtering systems

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Filter housing systems

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Culligan countertop replacement fitlers

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