Conch Piercing - least popular or unique?

Conch piercing is a piercing made in your ear cartilage, near an ear canal. There are two types of conch piercing: inner and outer (it depends on where exactly the piercing is located). When your ears are pierced just in the center of your ear - then it is inner conch piercing, and when it is on the outer cartilage of your ear - it is outer conch piercing. Conch piercing is also called shell piercing, thanks to similarity of a conch to a shell. The most crucial points with this type of piercing are the place where it is made and the size of your future piercing jewelry. And it is mostly up to you to make a decision.

Usually a conch piercing is made with the help of 12ga or 14ga needles (for inner conch piercing) or 16ga (for outer conch piercing). As for jewelry for your conch piercing, as a rule it will be a either captive bead ring (12-14ga) or a barbell (if your piercer is okay with it).

Many think that conch piercing is an extremely painful type of piercing - that's not right. Everything is strictly individual with this piercing. And moreover, it is among the easiest types of ear piercings, so a professional won't have any problems while making it for you. There is some more good news with conch piercing - it is easy to take care of it, and it rarely develops any infections thanks to the place where it is made. All you need is soaking your new piercing in warm salty water (saline solution) and not to touch it! Generally it will take 2-11 months to heal.

Conch piercing has been getting to the top in the list of ear piercings lately - so 'keep up with the Joneses', or even stay ahead of the crowd, after all conch piercing is only becoming popular, it isn't browned off yet!