How to do and take care after daith piercing in a right manner?

The origin of its name comes from a Hebrew word, which means "knowledge". Daith piercing is considered to be one of the newest styles, which is a bit older than 10 years. This type is said to be a unique form of industrial piercing due to its special location and a certain difficulty of daith piercing is placed on a thick cartilage above the tragus and is very close to the ear canal. The piercing of this very place is rather complicated, as not everybody has enough space to pierce it even with a curved needle. The most popular jewelry, used for daith piercing is circular or curved barbells. It should be obvious that this piercing type is painful enough, as ear cartilage is hard to pierce and heal. One should remember about a thorough aftercare, as everyday washing and cleaning with antimicrobial products. As a pierced area becomes very sensitive for some time, it's a good idea not to use a mobile phone, headphones for this period of time. However, daith piercing is a perfect way to reveal your individuality and be in trend!