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Wanna Pin all around to your looks - Pinna piercing is the way!

Pinna (or helix) piecing is the second most frequently made ear piercings after lobe one. But it doesn't mean that it is a boring or uninteresting one. Just on the contrary. It is usually made at the top of the ear in the outer rim of it. And in non-Western parts of the planet it was made to show the bravery of the person (though it is just a body decoration in Western cultures). It is not very difficult procedure and it won't heal for a very long period (2-12 months).

You new planet - Orbital piercing!

Some would call orbital piercing one of the coolest kinds of all the existing piercings, as you have not one but two piercings with orbital piercing. Orbital piercing is actually a combination of two piercings, which are then connected by one piece of piercing jewelry.

Discreet, but not invisible - Snug piercing

Snug (or more understandable for everyone - antihelix piercing) is made in the outer rim of your ear cartilage (just above your anti-tragus). This place is a good deal sensitive, so be prepared to a pretty painful procedure. But if you follow all the instructions and advice of your piercer (who should be definitely a professional), you are sure to avoid any complications.

How to do and take care after daith piercing in a right manner?

The origin of its name comes from a Hebrew word, which means "knowledge". Daith piercing is considered to be one of the newest styles, which is a bit older than 10 years. This type is said to be a unique form of industrial piercing due to its special location and a certain difficulty of daith piercing is placed on a thick cartilage above the tragus and is very close to the ear canal.

Is Anti Tragus piercing a provocative one?

Many people are mistaken, thinking that piercing appeared in the 20th century. Its history is as long as the history of tattoo and both of them come from the African continent. They say that a modern fashion for piercing appeared in the 60s with the popularity of hippies. Not long ago piercing was considered to be a symbol of revolutionary thoughts, freedom of mind and even anarchy. In a modern world most kinds of piercing are just a popular way to express your individuality

Conch Piercing - least popular or unique?

Conch piercing is a piercing made in your ear cartilage, near an ear canal. There are two types of conch piercing: inner and outer (it depends on where exactly the piercing is located). When your ears are pierced just in the center of your ear - then it is inner conch piercing, and when it is on the outer cartilage of your ear - it is outer conch piercing. Conch piercing is also called shell piercing, thanks to similarity of a conch to a shell.

Rook piercing - already slap-up or still bothering?

A rook piercing is when you have a piercing in your ear's antihelix. This kind of ear piercing is known to be chalks away more painful than other piercings; this happens because a large quantity of cartilage tissue is found in your antihelix through which a needle will pass; and because this cartilage is rather thick.
rook piercing jewelry

Ear lobe piercing: to allow or not - that is the question!

Ear lobe piercing: to allow or not - that is the question!

All people who have many piercings all over their bodies, including their ears, started one day probably with a simple single ear lobe piercing. And then, as it is said: appetite comes with eating. As a rule, ear piercing starts with a traditional - ear lobe piercing. Little girls from their very childhood start begging for an ear lobe piercing and those cute shiny earrings.

Industrial piercing - nothing common with industry

History says that previously sailors believed that their eyesight could be improved by ear piercing! So, practically all sailors had it done, because in addition to the eyesight, if a sailor was washed off the ship and then his body was found on the shore, the ring in their ears paid a Christian burial. Today the purposes of different types of ear piercings have changed greatly, and nowadays piercing in your ear is mainly made to look more attractive, fashionable and outstanding.

Tragus piercing is not a tragedy any more!

If to believe an ancient legend, which said that demons could get into the minds of people through their ears, then tragus piercing is the most protecting type of all existing ear piercings, as it is the closest to the ear hole - it is piercing of a tragus!

Ear piercing tips

'Beauty requires sacrifices' - this proverb best of all explains the fact of popularity of ear piercings. In the present days people are eager to suffer almost any kind of pain so as to step out of the crowd, to look striking and not to look like others. By the way - have you ever heard that William Shakespeare had an ear piercing?! So, once you decide to have your ears pierced, you should take into account several things, which will help you to go through this process easily and as enjoyably

Industrial piercing facts

Thinking about getting an industrial piercing? If you want to look trendy industrial is perfect and unique way to make a fashion statement. Among different types of body piercing which are always in vogue nowadays, industrial piercing is extremely trendy and different. And here is some information about it.

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