Modern Earrings

The origin of earrings lies in the Middle East. And at first people wore earrings for the sake of safety. It was thought that evil spirits could get into body through moth, ears or other "holes". So by wearing earrings (and by the way using lipstick) people tried to protect themselves. After that people started to wear earrings to show others his social status, their religious beliefs and sometimes political views. Today of course the purposes of wearing earrings have changed. Nowadays earrings are jewelry pieces which finish up your outfit; you may find earrings for any occasion of your life today - for work, wedding, a big night out, and even for lying on the beach. There exist dozens of types of earrings: CZ earrings, birthstone earrings, wire hoop earrings, post, dangle earrings, threader mesh, stud earrings and a lot more! You can't even imagine what a variety of various earrings you can find now. So, make up your mind and choose what you need for today!