Nose Piercing History, Types and New Trends

Over the past years nose piercing has become popular among teens, celebrities and many adults. Even at school nostril piercing has become a norm when an elegant small jewelry piece is worn. If you are going to pierce your nose, or just want to find some info about it, keep reading.
Origins of nose piercing go to India. Northern Indian women wear nose rings on the left and Southern Indian women on the right. They pierce nose believing that it will help to make the childbirth easier. Nose jewelry (and it is nose studs and rings) there also represents prosperity and beauty.
If you have decided to pierce your nose, choose professional, well-established and licensed piercing salon or shop. They must have necessary jewelry and equipment. Your starter jewelry should be of hypoallergenic metal. Consider titanium piercing jewelry or surgical stainless steel jewelry. There are different types of nose piercing including bridge, septum and nostril piercing. And the choice of jewelry depends on the nose piercing type. Small rings, studs, screws, pins and bones are nostril piercing jewelry. Nowadays diamond nose jewelry and gold nose hoops are extremely popular. Captive bead rings and barbells are for septum piercing as well as for bridge piercing that is located between the eyes through the top of the nose. The gauge sizes of nose piercings differ. And septum piercing can be stretched after it's healed.
Nose jewelry symbolize sex appeal and individuality for most people and nowadays teen-girls and famous young women widely go for nostril piercing and boys and rock stars prefer bridge and septum piercing. The extreme outlook of bridge piercing and wide free tribal style of bridge piercing aren't accepted by all members of society while nostril piercing being small and almost unnoticeable has almost become a norm like an earlobe piercing.
If you have pierced your nose, ask your piercer about aftercare and follow his instructions.
The piercing and the surrounding skin should be applied with antibacterial soap and then thoroughly rinsed. Make sea salt washes. Mix 8 ounces of warm water with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt. Soak the cotton ball in this solution and place it gently on the top of your piercing. Let it sit there at least for 5 minutes. Nose piercing requires special care as we breath with it and we sniff lots of micro-stuff together with the air.
Nostril piercing jewelry choice is rapidly growing as popularity on piercing of nostril is reaching its high point. And if you want to add extreme elegance and unique sparkle to your outlook, go for nostril piercing!