You new planet - Orbital piercing!

Some would call orbital piercing one of the coolest kinds of all the existing piercings, as you have not one but two piercings with orbital piercing. Orbital piercing is actually a combination of two piercings, which are then connected by one piece of piercing jewelry. This kind of piercing shouldn't be confused with industrial piercing though, as in the case of industrial piercing the piercing canals go through the sides, but not the front of the ear, nevertheless certainly there are some similarities. Orbital piercing can be found in any part of the ear - in the lobe, helix. etc. But among the most popular places is the helix.

It will take not very long to cure - about 7-16 weeks (but orbital piercing in the ear lobe tends to heal quicker than those in the ear helix). During the healing period two separate pieces of jewelry are used and worn, and only after full cure, you put in a single piece of piercing jewelry (more often than not, it will be a certain kind of a ring). Among those which are in trend now are: captive bead rings (CBR), D-rings, circular barbells, and some more. Choosing any kind of the jewelry for your orbital piercing, don't forget that it should be of the right size and of high quality material - in order not to develop any complications.
Is spicing up your looks your favourite pastime? You will never imagine how Orbital piercing will influence your self-esteem and how it will affect your inner sensation, both of yourself and of the things around! Try out new horizons in terms of your appearance - you will never regret!