Anti Tragus Piercing

Ear piercing is the oldest and the most common type of piercing among women and men. Later ear piercing was associated with earlobe piercing but nowadays there are far more types of ear piercing- conch, tragus, rook, helix, daith, snug and others. If you want to get unique piercing, the latest ear piercing called anti tragus is for you.

Anti tragus piercing is located in the flap of cartilage near the ear canal just above the earlobe. It's opposite to that of the tragus piercing. This piercing type is rare because not all people have anti tragus large enough for piercing and not all of them know that even if their anti tragus is very small it can be pierced with micro jewelry. Anti tragus piercing that comes under the category of cartilage piercing is really interesting and you should pay attention to it. And here is some necessary information on anti-tragus piercing for you.

It's better to know what you would face in the piercing shop and how the procedure goes. Anti tragus piercing is done with a sterile piercing needle (never with a gun). The needle may be curved or straight. You discuss the piercing with your piercer (make sure he is professional) ad sign up some documents. Then you lie down in comfortable chair and the piercer cleans your ear with special alcohol swab. He marks the place of the piercing and you check it to agree or change it a bit. The ways of piercing is done itself differ depending on the piercer. But usually they ask you to hold the breath when the piercer counts three and the puncture is done. Anti tragus piercing is painful as the skin of the cartilage is very thick. After the puncture is done and the needle is taken out, the piercer inserts the jewelry and cleans the area again. Everything described above the piercer should do in sterile gloves and everything that touches your sin should be sterile.

Starter jewelry for anti tragus piercing is a small captive bead ring. And after the piercing is completely healed, you may change the ring to the barbell.

8-12 weeks is approximate healing time for anti tragus and it's important to take all proper care of it during this time. Pain, crustiness and bleeding are common experiences during the first few days after anti tragus piercing. But they shouldn't be severe. If the mentioned symptoms last more than three days or you can't stand them, consult your piercer or your doctor. You should clean anti tragus piercing with sea salt solution twice or three times a day. And the piercing area should be cleaned with anti bacterial soap to prevent infection.

Nowadays there is a wide choice of body piercing jewelry and barbells and captive bead rings suiting anti tragus piercing are available in variety of materials, designs, styles and sizes. 14k gold barbells are in great demand nowadays.

Enjoy the beauty of anti tragus piercing and take care of your jewelry and your piercing!