Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing is a long tradition that is extremely popular nowadays. The members of royal family in ancient Egypt wore gold rings in their pierced navel. Due to inbreeding they all have deep navels and it made belly button piercing easy and safe procedure. This type of piercing has been around for centuries and disappeared and appeared again throughout history. Modern world tends to popularize piercing of belly button due to many reasons. The world ha changed greatly during last decades and fashion is constantly changing. It's not as cool as seven year ago to show one's belly on public and tops are already not in fashion, but it's still attractive and sexy to have this lovely belly ring under your T-shirt and know you can show in at the beach, at the disco, during your sexual play with your partner and on many other situations of life.

There are several types of belly button piercing and the choice depends not only on your preferences but also on the shape of your navel. If you have extra tissue around the navel that can be pierced through the navel piercing is safe and easy. It may work both for innie and outie navels. But there are some cases when side belly piercing is better. Multiple belly button piercing is also extremely popular these days and gives an opportunity to create even single picture of various rings around and in the navel.
It's really important to take proper care of your piercing after you get it. Usually it takes about 6-9 months for navel piercing to heal but sometimes it may last more than a year. You should dress more loosely to avoid the rubbing of piercing with clothing. Fresh navel piercing is extremely sensitive to most soaps and washes. Try to clean it at least twice a day with special piercing cleaning and healing solution or by other method recommended b your piercer.
After your belly button piercing is completely healed, you can change the starter jewelry and wear captive bead ring, plain curved barbells, dangle belly button rings and other jewelry in gold, steel and titanium.
Belly button piercing will make you feel more attractive and special. Most men say that they love to play with jewelry in the bellies of their girl-friends and there are even examples when sexual life of married couples improved after she has got her belly pierced.
Belly button piercing can be even a necessity for some jobs such as, for example, belly dancers, artists of strip show or photo models. And it's great that our society has accepted body modification as the way of decoration and making oneself more beautiful.