Body Piercing Jewelry

People have always searching for the ways to attract attention and to share out of crowd. We wear strange clothes, create new styles, behave unordinary and do other things to be unique and express ourselves. And there are many people nowadays who want to adorn themselves with piercing. Body piercing is the way to enhance appearance, express individuality and style, experience new sexual feelings, etc. And of course there is a need in wide choice of jewelry to meet the needs of different personalities and cultures. And the jewelry market offers such a choice, so you can find simple and classical piercing jewelry as well as exotic and even striking piercing rings in variety of materials, designs, colors, gauge sizes and shapes. Let's discuss the most common types of body piercing jewelry.

Ear piecring, flesh tunnel, cartilage piercing
Captive bead rings (or ball closure rings) are used for almost all types of piercing and they are really versatile. CBR has screw-in or clip-in ball or other closure accessory. Eyebrow, ear, lip and navel piercings are the most common piercing types where captive bead rings are worn. Available in elegant gold as well as standard steel and titanium, CBRs are really popular.
Barbells come in variety of shapes and are most often used in genital, belly button, eyebrow and nipple piercings. Curved barbell (or banana barbell) usually has balls on the ends but also can end with dices, flowers, cones and whatever. Curved barbells with dangles are also available. Circular piercing barbells with a threaded ball on both ends or with another accessory are perfect for ear, lip, septum and eyebrow piercings. Spiral barbells can have different or similar ends and are considered the funny variant of barbell jewelry.
Labret studs re for ear and lip piercing. They are internally threaded studs with a flat back available in different looks and colors.
Large gauge jewelry is mainly plugs, tusks and others for mainly ear piercings. They provide a distinctive look and are really popular with rock musicians.
Internally threaded jewelry is considered the best for piercing especially in sensitive areas. No discomfort, irritation and the easiest way of taking the jewelry off and on are guaranteed with internally threaded rings and barbells.
And all these and other piercing jewelry is available in gold, silver, titanium, surgical stainless steel, PTFE, acrylic and other plastics, organic materials and even platinum. You may choose the color you like and the design matching your wardrobe and lifestyle. Your piercing should look healthy and attractive and be a part of your outlook that moves only positive emotions. Take care of your piercing jewelry and your piercing and don't forget to shop for the latest fashionable piercing jewelry.