Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in numerous jewelry stores and tattoo and piercing salons. Teens, adult rock musicians and belly dancers are not the only persons who do body piercing. There are many people who have nipple piercing and almost nobody knows about it. Belly button piercing is really popular and its popularity grows when summer comes. Shopping for body jewelry consider the gauge size first of all. Diameter of the plug or wire fitting in the piercing is referred to as gauge size. The smaller the size, the larger the number would be.
Here is information about the millimeters of each gauge size.
20 gauge- 0.812 mm, 18 gauge -1.024 mm, 16 gauge- 1.291 mm, 14 gauge- 1.628 mm, 12 gauge- 2.053 mm, 10 gauge- 2.588 mm, 8 gauge- 3.264 mm, 6 gauge- 4.115 mm, 4 gauge- 5.189 mm, 2 gauge- 6.544 mm, and large gauge jewelry sizes- 0 gauge piercing jewelry- 8.251 mm, 00 gauge jewelry - 9.266 mm, 000 gauge- 11.110 mm and 0000 gauge -12.710 mm.
Some body piercing jewelry is available in almost all gauge sizes and some are designed to be available only in several gauge sizes.
Nose bones are straight pieces of nasal jewelry while nose screws are straight pieces with a curve on the end. Nose piercing jewelry is very popular nowadays and sparkling diamond nose jewelry and CZ gold nose bones are of great demand.

nose piercing jewelry
Captive bead rings usually worn in lips, ears and few other places, are full circle that opens when you pop the center ball out.
Barbells can be straight, curved or spiral bars with usually ball ends. Worn in eyebrow and tongue piercing they are available in multiple designs and materials.
Teens enjoy wearing body piercing not only because it shows their personality but also because they can dress it up and down, choose funky and stylish designs and change the look for low price. They feel fantastic and sexy due to this small rebellion. Piercing jewelry like standard jewelry reflects the mood and suit the outfit and lifestyle. Some body piercings that can be hidden can be done only for oneself while others will be shown of.
The hottest piercing at most schools and colleges nowadays are nose, eyebrow, lip and belly button piercing. Almost all cheerleaders have their navels pierced. Lip piercing looks quiet elegant with a tiny diamond stud or small ball. Nose bones with CZ also look nice. Belly button rings with heart or flower dangles look sexy. Any person has the right to show of and if he/she loves own body, piercing is one of the ways to enjoy it and become even more self-confident and experience new emotions and to have opportunity to look new ever day spending not so much money for body piercing jewelry.