Daith Piercing

Among multiple body piercing types ear piercing is the most popular. This oldest type of body piercing has been in popularity all over the world for many years and if later it was almost only earlobe piercing, nowadays there are about 8 types of ear piercing that are becoming more and more popular. If you are thinking about getting your ear pierced in unique way, think about daith piercing.

Daith piercing was introduced in 1992. The pioneer of industrial piercing Eric Dakota is said to be the person who created daith piercing. The location and the rapid growth of popularity make daith piercing so unique and attractive. It is done on the fold of thick cartilage located above the tragus (closest to the ear canal). Daith is a Hebrew word and it means "knowledge".

Daith piercing is complicated type and if you decide to get it, it's crucial to do it by professional piercer with successful experience in this type of piercing. Do research, visit trusted local piercing shops and ask the people who have already done it. And it's important to have enough space for daith piercing because some people can't get it. And it's better to know what you should expect from the piercer. Here is necessary information for you.

A curved sterile piercing needle is used to make daith piercing. The piercer should remove other ear jewelry if you have any and clean the area. There should be sterile piercing gloves on his hands. You may also choose the starter daith piercing jewelry. Circular or captive bead rings are considered the best for new piercing while captive bead ring can also be used. The jewelry should be sterilised too. After the piercing is done and the jewelry is inserted, the piercer shoul clean the area once again. And don't forget about healing recommendations.

Daith piercing doesn't hurt too much. You would feel some pain and discomfort for several hours after the piercing but later it would be ok. During healing time you should wash and clean the piercing with anti bacterial soap and water several times a day. You should place on the piercing a cotton ball soaked in sea salt water for several minutes twice a day. Avoid pressing the mobile against the ears and sleeping on the pierced side to prevent piercing complications. Tree oil and special cleaning and healing solution can be used as well. If you observe a kind of infection or feel too severe discomfort, you should consult your piercer or your doctor.

Daith piercing jewelry is available in variety of high quality materials and precious metals, different colours and sizes, designs and styles. And you would definitely enjoy your daith piercing if you do your best to keep your piercing healthy and clean.