Ear Piercing Types for Guys

People have invented different ways of beautifying the body and body piercing is one of the most ancient way of making the body more attractive and showing the personality. Almost any part of the body can be pierced nowadays but still there are piercing types which are more popular. Ear piercing is the oldest form of piercing that is the most popular nowadays. There is a place for ear piercing in every country, every religion all over the world. One of the reasons for it is that ear piercing isn't gender biased. Of course, there were the times when female ear piercing was a norm and male ear piercing was something considered abnormal. Nowadays guys get their ears pierced and it's the thing accepted by society. There are ear piercing types that suit guys better and those that look greater on girls but it mainly depends on the designs and sizes of jewelry. Let's discuss the most common types of ear piercing for men.

Earlobe piercing is widespread type among guys and it looks really cool. One or both earlobes can be pierced. Ear stud is the jewelry for classical earlobe piercing but most guys prefer stretched earlobe piercing and then flesh tunnels, large captive bead rings, tusks and pinchers are the jewelry to choose. Some prefer small ring in a single earlobe piercing. The healing time for this piercing type is about 10 weeks.

Auricle piercing is located on the side rim of the outer part of the ear and looks cute. Auricle piercing heals very fast- 3 weeks is its healing time. The jewelry for it includes captive bead rings, labrets and barbells.

Rook piercing is the piercing of the first cartilage located inside the ear. This type of piercing looks great but takes long time to heal- about a year. Rook piercing jewelry can be curved barbells or captive bead rings.

Snug piercing is done through the lower inner cartilage a bit above the earlobe. The piercing area is small and it makes curved barbell the best jewelry for snug piercing. It takes about 8 weeks to heal.

Industrial piercing can be done in different places and the most popular type is piercing of the lower and the upper part of the ear. A long industrial barbell connects these two punctures and it looks really stylish and up-to-date.

Pinna piercing (helix piercing) is done through the outer middle part of the ear. It takes about 8 weeks to heal. You may wear a barbell or a captive bead ring in helix piercing.

The mentioned piercings are popular and most men have at least two ear piercings and some prefer having several (if not all).

You may choose more aggressive designs or classical small elegant studs, plain rings or unusual shapes of ear piercing jewelry to decorate your ears. And don't forget to take proper care of your piercing and your jewelry.