Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing appeared centuries ago when ancient tribes developed tradition of piercing to symbolize courage, to show high status in society later and the wealth of the person. In ancient Egypt only pharaoh and later members of royal family has the right to do definite piercings. During the Elizabethan Era and the Victorian era piercing was also widespread among royalty and successful and wealthy people. Later piercing disappeared from the scene but came back in the 70s when earlobe piercing became popular once again. And later other piercing types returned and some new came into existence due to modern piercing technologies and the desire of people to find new ways of body decoration.
Most facial piercings can be called modern because only nose and lip piercing were done in ancient times. Such facial piercing as forehead piercing, for example, was developed not so long ago.
Eyebrow piercing is one of the most modern body piercings. Since 1990s eyebrow piercing has become really popular though it's surface piercing and it means it may be a notoriously problematic.
If the eyebrow has thicker tissue under the line of brow, eyebrow piercing will heal faster and be a success. Rejection may be caused if a brow is very flat and creates tension across pierced area. The body may just push the jewelry towards the body's surface and if this happens it's better to listen to your body and take the jewelry out and choose other facial piercing if you want.
Eyebrow piercing should be done by professional piercer with sterile piercing needle (and of course, sterile gloves, cleaning and other details characterizing trusted piercing establishment). The placement of piercing depends on the aesthetic preferences and anatomy of the person. Check the placement and the size of the jewelry properly if you wear glasses or sunglasses regularly to avoid visual and physical conflicts. (A notice for women: pluck or wax your brows before you get a new piercing because then during healing period you can't do that).
Healing period for the eyebrow piercing usually takes about 9-12 weeks to heal. And during this time you'll have to avoid sleeping on your face and change the sleep habits, avoid make-up and facial products used close to the eyes and eyebrows to avoid irritation. You should take special care getting dresses. And it's better to choose clothes on buttons and zip fasteners during healing period.
Eyebrow piercing jewelry is usually a small ring or a tiny barbell. There are special eyebrow piercing retainers for those who need to hide the piercing for some public situations and for job.
The right placement of the eyebrow piercing can influence the way your eyes look- they may seem look wider and larger and on the contrary- smaller and narrower.