Industrial piercing facts

Thinking about getting an industrial piercing? If you want to look trendy industrial is perfect and unique way to make a fashion statement. Among different types of body piercing which are always in vogue nowadays, industrial piercing is extremely trendy and different. And here is some information about it.
Single piercing passing through two holes is called an industrial piercing. It is usually done on the upper cartilage of the ear. The holes are at about 2.5 inch distance from each other. The main difference of industrial piercing from other types is that it includes two holes which are passed through by one single barbell. It created really eye-catching outlook.
The prices of industrial piercing range from $30 to $65. If you are offered much cheaper price, think over if it will be done properly.

Speaking about the level of pain during the industrial piercing procedure, we should mention that it can be really painful but we all know that it depends on the skills of the piercer and physiological characteristics of a person going for piercing. How is it done? After the first hole is made a piercer inserts the barbell in it and then the first hole is made while the barbells is kept dangling from the ear. And only after that the barbell is pushed into the second hole and especially this moment can be painful. After this description you may think that industrial piercing is a long and complicated procedure- it's not true. The procedure doesn't take much time. Just relax and follow the piercer to use gloves and sterile tools.

Speaking about industrial piercing jewelry, let's discuss the most popular types of it. Barbell is the most common. Straight barbell is the most popular but spiral and curved barbells are also used in industrial piercing. Industrial piercing jewelry is available in variety of material including stainless steel, gold and silver, titanium and acrylics. Unique designed barbells with fancy screws at the ends will make your industrial piercing look great and really attractive. You can add a hint of grace as well as extreme to your piercing choosing various jewelry designs.

The awesome look of your industrial piercing will be maintained by proper care and the right choice of jewelry. Follow all professional recommendations and enjoy your stylish look with cool industrial piercing!