Industrial piercing - nothing common with industry

History says that previously sailors believed that their eyesight could be improved by ear piercing! So, practically all sailors had it done, because in addition to the eyesight, if a sailor was washed off the ship and then his body was found on the shore, the ring in their ears paid a Christian burial. Today the purposes of different types of ear piercings have changed greatly, and nowadays piercing in your ear is mainly made to look more attractive, fashionable and outstanding.

As for industrial piercing (or scaffold/construction piercing, as it is called in the UK and Australia), today it has developed into a real fad with young people and teenagers. The sense of this type of piercing is that two holes (the first is usually made on the upper ear cartilage and the second - opposite the first) are connected by one piece of piercing jewelry (usually it is some sort of barbell). The piercers as a rule don't use a piercing gun for this type of piercing. A 14 gauge sterilized piercing needle is used instead. Most piercers make two holes at once, some make the first and after it heals - the second. If you make scuffold piercing by yourself, don't try to make everything at once: you may do the first and in five minutes the second hole. Don't forget about sterilization! Sterilize everything: your hands, needles, ears, and jewelry. After that, insert the barbell. It is strongly recommended not to use piercing jewelry of silver and gold of a low fineness for your new piercing, you can choose titanium, 18k Gold, stainless steel. Having industrial piercing made might be rather painful, as you get two piercings at the same time. From four to eight months will be needed for industrial piercing to heal - everything depends on aftercare schedule and your body. Industrial piercing costs about $40-90 to have it made in the USA. And it's up to you to decide whether to have it made for you in a special studio or to make it by yourself. During the healing period try not to sleep on the side where you have your scuffold piercing (you can use a special tape or a bra to protect your new piercing). Never use any cleaning products which are not intended for piercing aftercare, as they not only kill bacteria, they also destroy your healing flesh and eventually it becomes very subject to various infections.
In our not very exciting industrial epoch industrial piercing has developed into a really breathtaking tendency and all forward minded people use this trend to stand out from the crowd and show their unique personality. So, what are you waiting for - make yourself 'industrialized'!