Organic Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry comes in different materials and the choice is really huge. Metal jewelry has different grades and some contain more additional alloys and some less. It may cause allergic reaction and irritation and people with extra-sensitive skin usually choose bioplast or titanium piercing jewelry while others can safely and comfortably wear gold jewelry. Plastic piercing barbells and rings are available in all colors of the rainbow and are inexpensive but are recommended for short-time wear and well-healed piercings only. And there is one more popular type of body piercing material and it is organic piercing. Organic body jewelry includes bone, wood, ivory, horn and mother of pearl jewelry. Stone is also included in this group though technically it doesn't fall under the definition. All mentioned materials are available in different varieties and organic jewelry usually comes in the form of eyelets, claws and plugs. Large gauge piercing jewelry looks great with organic jewelry and is safe as most natural materials are lightweight.

Wood body jewelry comes in variety of hardness and colors and is lightweight that is important for stretching without discomfort. Most woods are relatively safe but it's recommended to take some cautions regarding it as some raw woods can be toxic and cause irritation due to the chemicals added for beauty enhancing. Wood piercing jewelry is recommended for short-time wear and only well-established piercings as it can't be autoclave sterilized. Overheating and getting saturated is bad for wood jewelry. Small amount of water and mild liquid anti-bacterial soap will safely clean it. Use tea tree oil to add sheen and for cleaning.

Bone piercing jewelry and horn jewelry are treated essentially the same. They can be carved into different shapes and are porous and semi-hard. Buffalo horn jewelry and horn inlay plugs are the most popular due to their lightweight though as well as bone jewelry they are not recommended for long-term wear or during bathing, sleeping and for new piercings.

Ivory jewelry is rare nowadays due to the fact that some forms of ivory are illegal. But still there are legal walrus tusks or mastodon tusks, for example. Ivory jewelry is recommended only for special occasions for short-time wear and only for well-healed piercings.

Stones are usually used as a part of jewelry piece and semi-precious and precious stones don't actually come in contact with skin itself. The gemstone piercing jewelry looks amazingly great and attractive and its elegance, quality and beauty are worth the money it costs. And there is jewelry from non-precious stones that is really heavy and is cheaper. It's also not recommended for long-time wear.

Organic materials look great and stylish, some even unique and eye-catching, but still we should remember that health and safety are the main subjects and wearing organic jewelry is for short-term periods.