Plastic Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry is available in different materials nowadays and the choice is significant for your health and safety. Some materials aren't recommended for long-term wear and should be worn only in well-established piercings. Some can be worn every day and at night without causing irritation. Some metals may cause allergic reactions of the body and too sensitive skin requires special care and choice of material. Plastic and glass body jewelry requires special attitude and it's important to know what types are suitable for short-time wear and what are not recommended for definite piercing types at all.

Glass piercing jewelry is available in many types but only non-porous, medical-grade, lead-free and tempered is suitable for body piercing. Though glass jewelry is bio-compatible and non-toxic, it is recommended only for well-healed piercings. If you have large gauge piercing, be careful with talons and plugs as they can cause stretching.

Plastic body piercing jewelry is available in many forms and appears under different names. PTFE body jewelry, silicone and acrylic piercing jewelry, etc.

Acrylic piercing jewelry is the most well-known type of plastic jewelry and there are lots of reasons for its popularity. It is versatile, lightweight, inexpensive and available in all imaginable colors and their combinations. The one important disadvantage of acrylic jewelry is that it isn't autoclavable. Acrylic barbells and rings are everywhere in various designs, shapes and gauge sizes but it is still recommended for well-healed piercings and for short-time wear. Glow in the dark piercing is the hit for the parties and not only as well as UV piercing jewelry.

PTFE (Teflon) is flexible and autoclavable material and PTFE piercing jewelry is the perfect choice for people with severe sensitivity to metal jewelry. Surface piercings are done with PTFE jewelry because it has lower rejection rates. But PTFE rings and barbells suit not all piercing types and you should discuss it with your piercer.

Silicone koosh ball barbells have become popular with unimaginable speed and nowadays they are still worn by many people. Silicone is stretchable and pliable material and silicone flesh tunnels are good choice. But only well-healed piercings can be decorated with silicone jewelry.

We see that plastic and glass piercing jewelry is mostly recommended for short-time wear and well-healed piercings but of course there exceptions because each body has individual reaction and sensitivity to definite materials. And these materials require more cleaning and care. Plastic jewelry is popular due to its funny and bright outlook, vivid colours and unique designs. Any person will find the ring or barbell in acrylic or PTFE perfectly matching her/his style. And the price allows buying as many pieces of plastic jewelry as you want.