Rook piercing - already slap-up or still bothering?

A rook piercing is when you have a piercing in your ear's antihelix. This kind of ear piercing is known to be chalks away more painful than other piercings; this happens because a large quantity of cartilage tissue is found in your antihelix through which a needle will pass; and because this cartilage is rather thick.

In general ear piercing is the most ancient and common type of body piercing, but a few decades ago people knew only about ear lobe piercing and it was typical only for women to have their ears pierced. Today there are no restrictions in the sex of a person who has his ears pierced (men are also keen on ear piercings these days), as well as you will find an endless list of the places where you can have your ear pierced (not only ear lobe of course). A far as rook piercing is concerned, it is a relatively fresh trend in ear piercing types. And as you've probably understood from the information above, a rook piercing isn't the easiest piercing to make. From 2 up to 12 months will be needed for total and final healing of your rook piercing. Remember to take maximum care of your new rook piercing, as it is not only hard to make, but it is also highly subject to various infections, so you need to use saline solution at least 2 times a day to clean your rook piercing. Also be sure that your hair (and other things, such as telephone) is away from your rook piercing as it may cause irritation.

rook piercing jewelry

When it comes to rook piercing, a little curved barbell or a captive bead ring which are made of titanium or stainless steel are among the most popular kinds of rook piercing jewelry. You are to select piercing jewelry for your rook piercing beforehand (and your piercer will definitely ask you to do this before he starts the whole procedure), as after it is inserted, it shouldn't be changed till your rook piercing is fully healed.

Heat and cool, rook piercing will put in your personality some funky note, but at the same time in general you will stay the same and nothing will change drastically. With this kind of piercing, you will be able to look decent when needed by simply getting your earring out.