Titanium and SSS Piercing Jewelry

If you have to choose starter piercing jewelry or the body jewelry for casual wear, consider titanium piercing jewelry.
The late of the 18th century was the time when titanium was found. The element titanium was discovered by the German chemist Klaproth who named it after the son of the earth in Greek mythology, Titan. Titan's spirit is a synonym to "perseverance to forge ahead" and the natural strength of titanium brought it to such name and popularity of extraordinary metal.
titanium anoduzed Titanium has unique silver gray colour and its matte, mercerizing and high polishing performances are excellent. Fashion jewelry includes gold, platinum and titanium body jewelry. Titanium is interesting material from many sides. Let's take, for example, such feature that makes it different from other metals- the surface of titanium has variety of colours that may change. Titanium is dip into the electrolyte, let by current for definite time and its surface converts to a layer of oxide film. The degree of thickness of this oxide film influences the colour change. Titanium anodized piercing jewelry in variety of colours is to your disposal. Most personal and dazzling titanium jewelry in variety of designs, shapes and styles can be created.
Titanium jewelry will not lose its colour with time and can prevent scratches. It is harder than other jewelry from precious metals. And one of the main advantages of titanium jewelry is that it's perfect for people who are allergic for wearing other jwelry. Titanium is hypoallergenic material. It is light, beautiful, non-allergic and not rusted.
Being corrosion resistant and very tough, titanium barbells and rings can be easily soaked in water and remain brilliant and bright. And it means you can wear titanium jewelry during swimming, bathing and other procedures connected with water and don't be afraid to damage it or to make it keep the colour and brilliance.
stainless steel piercing jewelry Titanium The other recommended for fresh piercing material is surgical stainless steel. This is most common body piercing material in the US. Its luster is very attractive (it can be polished to a perfectly shiny surface). Surgical stainless steel piercing jewelry will never discolour and it's extremely durable. Though there are more disadvantages of surgical stainless steel than of titanium it still remains popular. SSS jewelry becomes very cold in winter, it can cause allergic reactions. If titanium jewelry is often accented with gems and semi-precious stones, stainless steel jewelry is rarely met with stones.
It's up to your and your body to decide what material is better. And your piercer will give you some pieces of advice on this point. If you don't experience any discomfort and allergies wearing stainless steel body jewelry, it's great and because it looks attractive and is cheap.