Tongue Jewelry

What is body piercing jewelry for you? Probably, it's an art or at least the way of self-adornment, if you are reading this. For some people body piercing is something strange and is over their understanding. Society hasn't accepted all types of body piercing yet. It doesn't mean one couldn't pierce any part of body he wants, but there would probably be squinting from some people.

There are types of body piercing that are almost always in the public eye- ear piercing, nose and eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, for example. And there are piercing types that can be shown just when we want and stay unnoticed if we like. Tongue piercing is one of them.

There are numerous reasons for people to pierce the tongue. Most men and women find it highly erotic and sensual and they say it makes the intimate life more bright and interesting. Others enjoy the feeling of having some kind of a toy in the mouth and other feelings during speech and drinking. Some want to feel the body better and the tongue is very sensitive part of the body.

Tongue piercing jewelry assortment is wide and any person will definitely find the barbell perfectly matching her / his style of clothes and life. Classical tongue straight barbells with acrylic ball at the end are still popular due to their bright and vivid look. They are also sanitary and don't cause damage to gums and teeth what often happens with metal tongue barbells as all people wearing tongue jewelry can't stop playing with it. We can also enjoy dice straight barbells, koosh ball barbells and cat's eye barbells for tongue in various gauge sizes.

If to search for something more interesting, vibrating tongue barbells are the things we should pay attention to. They not only look unusual but bring much fun and new feelings in the life.

More elegant variant is gold tongue barbells that look chic and gorgeous and usually come in the shape straight barbell with a ball at the end.

Flat titanium tongue barbells are probably the most comfortable and safe. Titanium is considered the best material for tongue piercing at all. It's hypoallergenic and light.

Door knocker tongue barbells with a round ring hanging off the ball on the end of the barbell have proved to be popular.

Logo tongue barbells are another example of bright and informative jewelry. They are interesting from the side that you may answer people or show your attitude, your mood or plans without saying a word and just showing your tongue with the right word, picture or sing on the barbell.

Be careful choosing the material for your tongue jewelry as your tongue is too sensitive. Take care of your piercing and jewelry and enjoy it!