Tragus piercing is not a tragedy any more!

If to believe an ancient legend, which said that demons could get into the minds of people through their ears, then tragus piercing is the most protecting type of all existing ear piercings, as it is the closest to the ear hole - it is piercing of a tragus!
Nowadays people don't believe in such legends any more, but they are still fond of tragus piercing. And it is made more successfully today, practically without any complications, and some people even make it by themselves. Typically tragus piercing is made with the help of a small gauge hollow piercing needle (by the way some piercers have a preference of a curved needle over a straight one). If you make tragus piercing by yourself, don't forget to use a small cork to avoid the trauma of adjacent tissues and to protect your ear canal. A captive bead ring of a small diameter is a common kind of piercing jewelry used for this type of piercing, though you may find many other types of piercing jewelry for your tragus piercing (but a small captive bead ring is strongly advisable at least for the first time for your new piercing). As in the tragus very few nerve endings are found, tragus piercing is not really painful to make. The biggest problem about tragus piercing is to pierce the tragus as it is fairly thick, so you should press rather hard to pierce it. Therefore as a rule this kind of piercing is generally made when a person lies somewhere, as in such position it is easier to fixate the head.

Caring rules for tragus piercing are much alike the rules for other kinds of piercings. It will take about eight weeks to heal, and the most important task during these weeks is not to get your new tragus piercing infected. So wash your hands, then clean it at least three times a day, avoid anyone to contact with your tragus piercing (don't allow your boyfriend/girlfriend to whisper anything into your ear), try to stay away from such clothes as pullovers, wear shirts with buttons instead.
Tragus piercing is slightly harder to perform than other types of piercing, but don't make a tragedy out of it and give it a try so as to feel yourself really on the top after, thanks to its unique and outstanding look.