Wanna Pin all around to your looks - Pinna piercing is the way!

Pinna (or helix) piecing is the second most frequently made ear piercings after lobe one. But it doesn't mean that it is a boring or uninteresting one. Just on the contrary. It is usually made at the top of the ear in the outer rim of it. And in non-Western parts of the planet it was made to show the bravery of the person (though it is just a body decoration in Western cultures). It is not very difficult procedure and it won't heal for a very long period (2-12 months). You just don't forget that everything should be clean and cleaned regularly. But you should remember that this type of piercing mustn't be made with the help of a piercing gone (only with a needle). A piercing gone may 'smash' your ear cartilage - in other words it can disfigure it and it will be very hard to correct. Even if your piercer tries to persuade you that he is an outstanding prof, it's advisable to go to another piercing studio, in which they won't be co lazy as to use a needle instead of a gun.
Then just wait till it is fully healed and start experimenting! This type of piercing is attention-grabbing because you can use any type of piercing jewelry you like - just imagine all possible variants! All these modish ball closure rings, bar- and bananabells, labrets and studs - what a paradise for imagination and action!