piercing aftercare

Nose Piercing History, Types and New Trends

Over the past years nose piercing has become popular among teens, celebrities and many adults. Even at school nostril piercing has become a norm when an elegant small jewelry piece is worn. If you are going to pierce your nose, or just want to find some info about it, keep reading.

Ear piercing tips

'Beauty requires sacrifices' - this proverb best of all explains the fact of popularity of ear piercings. In the present days people are eager to suffer almost any kind of pain so as to step out of the crowd, to look striking and not to look like others. By the way - have you ever heard that William Shakespeare had an ear piercing?! So, once you decide to have your ears pierced, you should take into account several things, which will help you to go through this process easily and as enjoyably

Piercing healing solution

Fresh piercing requires special care and if you want your piercing be healthy and look magnificent you should follow healing recommendations. During several weeks after the piercing is done you should carefully clean the wound with special disinfectant twice a day or more often. The healing liquid you use shouldn't contain oil. You shouldn't visit sauna, swimming pools and go to the sea or lake. If any complications occur you should immediately consult your doctor (and it's better to go to the dermatologist).

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