piercing types

Eyebrow Piercing

Body piercing appeared centuries ago when ancient tribes developed tradition of piercing to symbolize courage, to show high status in society later and the wealth of the person. In ancient Egypt only pharaoh and later members of royal family has the right to do definite piercings. During the Elizabethan Era and the Victorian era piercing was also widespread among royalty and successful and wealthy people. Later piercing disappeared from the scene but came back in the 70s when earlobe piercing became popular once again.

The Reasons for Body Piercing

Body piercing has become fashionable and widespread over last few decades and it's most an adornment. The motivation for people to pierce the body is the desire to beautify it to create and image and produce impression. But of course there are other reasons to pierce. Piercing gives exclusive distinguishing look and those who want to go "nostril-to-nostril" with fashion trends, follow the modern conception of body piercing.
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