Discreet, but not invisible - Snug piercing

Snug (or more understandable for everyone - antihelix piercing) is made in the outer rim of your ear cartilage (just above your anti-tragus). This place is a good deal sensitive, so be prepared to a pretty painful procedure. But if you follow all the instructions and advice of your piercer (who should be definitely a professional), you are sure to avoid any complications. Your snug piercing will heal completely within a year (again: all depends mostly on you - on the care you will give you or new piercing and on the general state of your body and immune system). With this kind of piercing it's extremely important that you choose the right kind of jewelry for the first time. If you are not sure in your knowledge, it goes without saying that you are to consult a pro in this question. You will be usually advised to choose gold, titanium or PTFE materials for your newly-made piercing. As for the design of snug jewelry, it can be a barbell, a stud, a labret (for more options consult your piercer).

Snug piercing is well-liked these days as it gives you a sense of excellence and distinction (in the finest sense of these words). You somehow feel different thanks to the fact that your snug piercing is quite discreet, but at the same time very flash. You will understand and realize this feeling only after you try this.