How to remove odor and bad tasting from water

There are variety of reasons for water odor and bad taste. The problem can be in the pipes or the fixtures supplying certain faucets if the odor occurs only in them. If the problem occurs after running the water for several minutes, the problem is in household plumbing system. The main water supply is the problem if the taste occurs at every water faucet. Water may have metallic taste if it contains too much inorganic chemicals such as iron, zinc and cooper. Alkali taste is caused by total dissolved solids, high hardness and high alkalinity of water. High level of sodium causes salty, brackish taste. Chemical, medicine or chlorine odor or taste is usually caused by the interaction of a build-up of organic matter in the plumbing system and chlorine. Bacteria growing in the sink drain or hot water heater are reasons for rotten egg or sulfur odor. Earthy, fishy, grassy, musty or moldy odor is caused by organic matters such as animals, bacteria or plants which are present in reservoirs and lakes during certain times of the year by bacteria growing in the sink drain. Carbon filtration water filters are the most effective in removing odor and taste problems.