Costume Pins

Kick up hills! Pins and brooches are here again! Remember, in your childhood, how desirable and unobtainable your granny's or your mother's majestic and colourful costume jewelry pins and brooches seemed to be? What happened after that? Right - you grew up and they disappeared, it wasn't fashionable by the time you could have that costume jewelry pin - the most desirable and precious thing from your childhood dreams. Nowadays it's "in" again! And of course, by this time many things, technologies and ideas have changed. Imagine the whole variety and diversity of colours, shapes, materials and gemstones used while producing costume jewelry pins in our time: gold-tone, rose-tone, black-plated, copper-tone, silver-blue, dark purple and others - this is only if talking about colours. Each of costume jewelry pins will go with some of your numerous and exclusive outfits from your wardrobe. Any occasion, starting from your everyday working costume jewelry pin, and ending with wedding dinner costume jewelry pin. Make your childhood dream come true!