Glass Jewelry and Its Types

Among all jewelry available nowadays glass jewelry is probably one of the most unique and eye-catching. And it dates back as early as the 9th century in Italy. It was the time when beads were traded from Venice and Rome to the neighboring countries. Glass jewelry made from glass but there are different techniques to form quite different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.
And such Italian techniques as lampworking and millefiori are still used in jewelry designs nowadays. The glass jewelry created by those techniques is defined as Murano and the Italian city where they were perfected. Lampworking technique heats rods and applies melted glass to them and one can create many different patterns and textures using it. Glass beading type of jewelry is made of lampwork beads. Hand tools are applied to twist and form the material melted with a torch into different layers.
Millefiori from Italian is "a thousand flowers". This technique has tiny details with many patterns and colors as well as lampworking technique though the process of Millefiori glass jewelry making is different. Millefiori beads are sliced from a roll of heated glass rods while each lampwork bead is formed individually over a torch. Before heating the glass rods and crating one fused piece, millefiori artist combines different sizes and colors and then the fused roll is sliced into many beads.
Among glass jewelry you'll find not only multi-colored and highly detailed Italian glass beads are used to make earrings necklaces and bracelets but plain colored glass-beaded types of jewelry as well. Amber, green and clear sea glass jewelry is made naturally by the ocean. It gets tossed by sand and water and it creates smooth ends and a frosted type of surface. Jewelry designers also often use diachronic glass which features layers of metal oxide colors creating a crystal-like finish. Such glass jewelry looks almost like ceramic but with more shades of color.
Glass jewelry is inexpensive though it looks extremely elegant and bright. Glass jewelry can be also accented with gems. Wearing colorful or plain glass jewelry you make your own fashion statement and complete your outlook with a magnificent piece of jewelry.