How to Choose Jewelry Cleaner

Buying jewelry we shouldn't forget about one more important thing- it is jewelry cleaner. The choice of jewelry cleaner depends on the type of jewelry and its material. If your jewelry box is filled with pieces in variety of gemstones and metals you have to buy several different types of jewelry cleaners because every type of material needs a different type of cleaner to avoid tarnishing and destroying of jewelry.
Choosing the best jewelry cleaner for rings, necklaces and bracelets you should take into consideration the type of jewelry, stone and metal. Sterling silver jewelry needs specialized cleaners while gold and diamonds can be cleaned with a commercial jewelry cleaner.
The other important thing you should keep in mind is whether you want to have chemicals around your house. If you want to avoid chemicals at all, you can find the way out because the most jewelry can be cleaned without the use of abrasives and harsh chemicals.
Most types of jewelry can be effectively cleaned using soap or a mild detergent. It is a good rule because chemicals such as chlorine and others can damage most types of jewelry materials. To make your jewelry bling you can also use special cloths.
Another great jewelry cleaner for diamonds and some metals is a mixture of water and ammonia. An ultrasonic cleaner is good for platinum and gold. It cleans some stones and metals with a high frequency sound very effectively. But don't put pearls and colored gems into an ultrasonic cleaning machine to avoid their damage.
Buying jewelry you can be suggested proper cleaning methods and products by the retailer. You can also contact your jeweler for some advice.
Just remember that your jewelry needs proper cleaning as well as any thing in your life!