How to Choose Jewelry in Accordance with the Shape of Your Face

Modern jewelry fashion is commonly set by celebrities and there is a risk for girls and women just to pick the same jewelry type as they have seen on star. Before buying any jewelry you should choose it in accordance with the shape of your face. Any accessory, clothes and jewelry should complement your body, lifestyle and face. And here are some tips to help you to choose the jewelry perfect to your type of the face.

If you have oval shape of the face, you are lucky! This classical shape allows you wearing most of the earrings. Spiral dangling earrings will look cute but try to avoid too long earrings. You can also wear short as well as long necklaces. And if you have a rather long neck, choose a short necklace.

long face earrings

If your face has long shape (it means that the length of your face is greater then its width), you'd better avoid wearing long earrings. They will make the face look more elongated highlighting its length. The best variant for you is studs or chandelier. They will look elegant and classy. If you wan to add roundness toy our face, choose triangular or hoop earrings. And your neck will look great with choker.

round face earrings

If you have round shape of the face (it means that the width of the face is equal to its width and outer curve has almost a circle shape), you'd better wear long earrings of angular curved lines. The best choice is dangling and long earrings as well as rectangular and square shape earrings as they lessen the roundness of your face. Don't wear round earrings! If you want to add definition to your face, choose the necklaces extending below the neckline of 28" to 32" inches.

heart-shaped face earrings

If you have a heart shaped face (it means you have a wide forehead, small chin and prominent cheekbones), the best choice for you is triangular, teardrop, circular and chandelier earrings. You should avoid wearing heart-shaped earrings. Try pyramid earrings with a small chain- it will create an interesting style.

square face

If your face has square shape (it means that your chin and jaw are of the same width), you can wear dangling to drop and curved earrings bravely. To add roundness to your face, choose long teardrops, multi-layered dangles and hoops. The necklace extending below the neckline of 28" to 32" inches.

diamond face

If you have diamond shape of the face, (it means your cheekbone is wide and the jaw is narrow), you should wear wide and short styled earrings such as studs. Avoid curved and long earrings. And a choker is perfect for your neck, it will contrast and soften the sharp angel of your chin.