How to Clean and Repair Silver Jewelry

When we buy silver jewelry, we rarely think about the fact that this shining and beautiful piece may lose its luster, tarnish and even become black with time. But it happens with all jewelry and we can prevent it. Just take care for your sterling silver jewelry and we hope the information given below will help you to clean and restore the luster of your silver jewelry.

Regular buffing and rubbing of silver jewelry with a soft cotton cloth is always for good.
To make this job easier, you may use special chemically treated cloth for sterling silver.
If your sterling silver jewelry piece is accented with gem, you should use the dip carefully as many dips will remove the color from gems if they are left in too long. So, use the dip very fast and immediately rinse the jewelry in clean water. Then buff it to bring out shine.
If your silver chain is broken, you can repair it yourself.
If the clasp in your silver jewelry is broken, you can repair it by purchasing a new replacement clasp. Buy the clasp of the same color and style as the previous.
Notice how the links were put together to assemble the chain after the repair.
After you place the chain on the ceramic soldering board, put two ends back together and squeeze the links until they are closed with the help of tweezers. Fit the two ends back together.