Sterling Silver Chains

To lend a chic look and match the casual dress as well as elegant evening dress, choose sterling silver chain. It can be a small chain with a pendant or large chain in silver- it will look perfect with almost any outfit and the choice of colors matching silver is great. Silver jewelry is not just elegant and beautiful but it's also affordable and available in variety of designs. Here is the list of some styles silver chains are available in.

925 silver chain
  • Beaded chain. It consists of beads with no links but they look like they are attached to each other. There is a wide choice of beads in various designs and shapes.
  • Byzantine chain. Two circular links form a link that is enclosed by a crescent shaped link.
  • Curb chain. It is rather thick chain and when it lays flat, its links interlock.
  • Herringbone chain. It looks entirely flat when in lays and its links are arranged in V-shape. Its strand can be twisted or plaited together.
  • Rope chain. Many small links aren't completely joined due to the placement of two twisting strands.
  • Snake chain. The links are tightly arranged in a crisscross manner that includes round or square cross-section.
  • Spiga chain. Its links are interconnected like plaited hair.
  • Wheat chain. Its links are attached and look like wheat grains.

Sterling silver chains are in great demand nowadays. Choose the one perfectly fitting your style and enjoy its beauty and elegance.