What Jewelry Do Men Prefer

Not only women but men as well want to have at least several pieces of their own jewelry to show their personality and style. Some of them want jewelry that will speak about how rich and powerful they are and some enjoys wearing unique jewelry that speaks about their lifestyle and character. There are some definite pieces of jewelry men like most of all. These are rings, necklaces and watches.
Ring worn on the man's finger isn't only the wedding ring. There are multiple stylish rings in various sizes and designs available for men nowadays. Bolder and larger men's rings look really great and men enjoy wearing one or several rings on one or both hands. Men prefer sterling silver rings as they match almost any outfit and color. Silver ring would look great with a sport suit as well as with a classical shirt and business suit. White gold rings and platinum rings are also popular among the men, especially among the celebrities. If to speak about models, singers and musicians, piercing rings also take place. Many male celebrities wear nose rings, ear rings ad eyebrow rings to show their individuality and sexuality.
Necklace in sterling silver or in gold with high carats usually speak about the money of its wearer. But thin and elegant necklaces for men also exist. As a rule, men prefer stylish and elegant necklaces in silver or white gold without any extraordinary additions.
Watch help men to keep track of the time and though they use mobile phones and other high technological equipment, watch reminds the elegant and useful accessory for them.