water filter

Bottled water coolers

To get pure and fresh tasty water whenever you want, enjoy countertop water coolers. High performance, modern water coolers allowing perfect water temperatures when you need are to your disposal. Countertop bottled water coolers provide you with cold and hot clean water any time you need and you may be sure in their high quality and durability.

Everpure water filtering systems

1970s were the beginning of super-polluted era and water-borne contaminants and water pollution have been climbing to the highest levels since that time. And the importance of safe drinking and clean water is greater than ever. It's wise to look for better tasting water to keep one's family healthy and safe. Everpure is a trusted supplier of commercial grade filtration systems considered the best by most vending companies, restaurants, water filtration specialists and families all over the world.

Replacement parts for water filtering systems

Reliable replacements and accessories are essential to effective work and durability of your water filtration system. You'll find a full line of water filter parts and accessories to meet your needs for different applications and a broad range of connect fittings. Connectors come in Quick connect style of in compression style. Compression fittings require a nut for securing the tubing to the connector.

Culligan countertop replacement fitlers

Countertop water filters help to make the water we use healthier. Drinking pure and filtered water we become healthier but not all filtration systems are good and it's important to find the most effective and up to date trusted water treatment products. Culligan is the brand you can trust. Culligan has been making water treatment systems since the end of 1930s.

How to remove odor and bad tasting from water

There are variety of reasons for water odor and bad taste. The problem can be in the pipes or the fixtures supplying certain faucets if the odor occurs only in them. If the problem occurs after running the water for several minutes, the problem is in household plumbing system. The main water supply is the problem if the taste occurs at every water faucet. Water may have metallic taste if it contains too much inorganic chemicals such as iron, zinc and cooper. Alkali taste is caused by total dissolved solids, high hardness and high alkalinity of water.
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